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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Hi-De- Hi Campers!

   What exactly lies behind the holiday camp atmosphere, where citizens lie about the beach sunning themselves, or building sandcastles, playing beach ball, dressed in bathing suits and bikini’s, citizens enjoying themselves!
   Whilst other citizens such as the Rook-Number 53 during ‘Checkmate,’ is at the hospital undergoing a medical experiment at the hands of the doctor-Number 22, pictured here.  As for the Rook-Number 53, well he’s being used in an experiment based on Pavlov’s experiments with dogs, yes it was dogs and not rats as suggested by Number2.
  Dehydrated, Number 53 is taken into a room where there are a number of water dispensers of different colours. The Blue dispenser is wired up to an electrical supply, and when Number 53 touches the tap he gets an electric shock! The other three water dispensers are of course empty.  
    A disembodied voice tells Number 53 that he’ll get water when he obeys! Then tells him to go to the blue dispenser, but he is nervous to touch the tap. When he does, Number 53 finds that the current of electricity has been turned off, and via the tap and his plastic cup, begins to satisfy his thirst.
   But there is yet more to come, as Number 8, in some hypnotic trance, is wheeled into the examination room by a nurse.
   Number 8 who is under hypnosis and believing that she is in love with Number 6 and he with her. Also in a locket which Number 8 believes to be a present from Number 6, because the locket contains a picture of Number 6, but also a reaction transmitter. This transmits Number 8’s emotions back to the Control Room, and when they have a whole range of Number 8’s emotions - fear, happiness, dread, apprehension, joy, so on and so forth, which will then be fed into the alarm system. If Number 8 has any apprehension, or fear that she is going to lose Number 6, if he plans to escape for example, then  Number 8’s emotions will send an alarm back to control. Out of the two medical experiments, this second one is perhaps the most unfeeling, just like the doctor performing the experiments!

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