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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Don’t Tell Me You’re Running Out Of Time!

    Well I always appear to be working to my limit! There never seems to be enough hours in the day, let alone enough days of the week, and what with so much to do. The Prisoner takes up a great deal of my time, but then that’s perhaps no more than Number of 2 once thought. If Number 2 thought only having 7 {oh look, there’s that number again} days was bad enough, he should have tried only having three! But they were not the only Number 2’s to be put under such pressure by Number 1. Well we think, we suppose, it’s Number 1, although nothing is ever certain. The interim Number 2 of ‘It’s Your Funeral’ didn’t have that easy a time. He was always having to give his word, promising that the assassination/execution was being arranged exact to Number 1’s instructions. In the end he staked his future on the outcome of Plan Division Q and eventually would pay the price. They brought one Number 2 back for a second term of office, something he didn’t seem to be at all keen on. The pressure for this Number 2 was the fact he had to begin the deliberations of Degree Absolute at a disadvantage. He had spent a sleepless night reciting nursery rhymes to the slumbering Number 6! Number 6 once asked Number 2 if he was running out of time, while another thought it was a question of time, that the Prisoner couldn’t stand his job and so needed time to think. It was none of these, simply the thought to save time, and the Prisoner didn’t need time to think because he knew precisely what he was going to do. He’s very single-minded like that.
   Me? Well time, tide and buttered eggs wait for no man, I’d best be getting on with my work as the watchmaker said to Monique.

Be seeing you

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  1. "The Prisoner takes up a great deal of my time"

    How? What do you actually productively do?