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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Teabreak Teaser

OUAT, What is the missing link Number 2 seeks?



  1. Hello David,
    maybe one could put it in a way that he was searching for the link to reconnect Number Six to society.. I also like the idea that he is searching for the reason behind the Prisoners character (and thus his decision to resign).
    Thinking about it, what strikes me - how are we supposed to understand that part with B: Put it together and C: BANG? It seems that reintegration wasn't part of the plan. It really confirms the second idea.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hello Jana,
      I like the idea that No.2 was seeking the missing link that linked No.6 to society, and that part of his character that made No.6 resign. Perhaps if No.6 was already part of The Village before he went and resigned, maybe that could have been seen as No.6 going wrong, and it was that No.2 hoped to find. That missing link that made No.6 resign.

      Yes, B "Put it together." That could simply mean stick it in No.6's file with all the other information about him. Or perhaps to try and understand the reason why the Prisoner resigned. And if he doesn't, it will mean the end of Number 2, which of course it was. C "Bang!" Number 2, apparently died!

      Very best regards