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Thursday, 29 January 2015

No Alcohol Here!

    That’s just typical! They abduct people to The Village, want to know all about them, the knowledge in their heads to be protected or extracted. They use all kinds of mind altering, conditioning, hallucinogenic, sedative, and experimental drugs on people, but they won’t let anyone get drunk! Why? Perhaps if you get drunk they're afraid they’ll go and do something silly, like climb to the top of the Bell Tower and throw yourself off! I suppose that’s one way of beating them, but resulting in mere oblivion for oneself! Do you know when it comes to addictive drugs, they’ll fill people up with all manner of toxins. But ask for a drink and its “No alcohol here sir. Gin, whisky, vodka, looks the same, tastes the same.” Damn it all, you can't even get a cigarette, or at least they could once upon a time, in the General Stores. There used to be a cigarette machine just inside the door. But it was later taken away and replaced by a newspaper and magazine rack!
   Do you remember when there used to be cigarette cards? I think there were bubble gum ‘Prisoner’ Cards at one time, even ‘Danger Man’ bubble gum cards, but not cigarette cards. Too young at the time to have bought any even if there had been, cigarette cards that is. 

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