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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Quote For The Day

“Oh time was it?”
“No it wasn’t time!”
“You couldn’t stand your job, so you needed time to think.”
                                     {No.6 and No.2 - A Change of Mind}

    Was that it? Is that what it all boiled down to? Not A B and C, but the fact that the Prisoner had become disillusioned with a job he couldn’t stand anymore, so he resigned! Well isn’t that what Patrick McGoohan did? Having become disillusioned with his role of John Drake, the fact that the ideas for ‘Danger Man’ scripts had all dried up. That and the fact that many of the episodes had become repetitive in their storylines. So McGoohan not being able to stand ‘Danger Man,’ which had made him a household name, chucked the job in because he wanted to do something else. Something that he didn’t know at the time, but which over time, would make a prisoner of him……‘the Prisoner!’

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