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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Therapy Zone

    It seems rather cruel of Number 2 to have Number 6 think he’s escaping The Village, well I suppose it all depends on whose side you are on! All Number 2 is doing is teaching Number 6 a lesson. But at which point did Number 2 become suspicious of Curtis? It would seem the first seed of doubt must had been sown when Number 6 began to impersonate Curtis in Number 2’s office having sent Curtis to see Alison to see if she had any insight into Number 6’s motivation. Then during that journey in the taxi to the helicopter, Number 2 was talking to Curtis {Number 6} about a proposition Number 2 had put to him when he arrived in The Village. Number 6 had to bluff his way through, and because he didn’t know what Number 2 was talking about he became edgy. And when he said about reporting to the General…..I mean we as the viewer do not know what Number 2 said to Number 6 during that taxi ride was right, neither does Number 6. For all the viewer may know, Number 2 may only have been testing the person he thought to be Curtis with what he said. And with Number 6 trying to bluff his way through, he was only digging a pit for himself! Certainly by the time they arrived at the helicopter Number 2 really had a nagging doubt, which was confirmed by Number 6’s mistake regarding Susan. Then Number 2 knew that it wasn’t Curtis but Number 6 who was about to try and escape The Village, when he went to speak to the pilot and instruct him to fly over The Village and then bring his passenger back. Susan was merely confirmation of Number 2’s suspicions. As for the blindfold, well that may well be part of security precautions. But also its stops Number 6 from seeing where the helicopter is flying, a quick circuit over The Village, and landing again from where it took off!

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