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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Quote For The Day

    “You make the most of your opportunities. You don’t blame us for doing the same.”
    “Meow, meow.”
    “Ah she’s taken to you, I’m jealous. Oh she’s mine, she works here too, she’s very efficient, almost ruthless.”
    “Never trust a woman, even the four legged variety.”
   “You can trust everyone. And will…in time, let’s go back, the cabaret is beginning.”
   “In his pocket…..”
   “The wallet?”
    “It’s still there, amended slightly. We’ll amend him slightly. It’s you who has died in an accident at sea.”
    “So to the outside world……..”
    “Which you only dream about.”
    “…….I’ll be dead!”
    “A small confirmation of a known fact.”
                                                    {No.2 and No.6 – Dance of the Dead}
       “A small confirmation of a known fact?” is it known? The original script for the previous episode ‘Many Happy Returns’ called for a newspaper which reported a plane lost as sea, with no hope of survivors, meaning the Gloster Meteor jet with the pilot and Number 6. So now it would seem a body is to be provided as a small confirmation of that. But in the finished episode of ‘Many Happy Returns’ the scene with Mrs. Butterworth/No.2 having a newspaper was altered. Also when the Prisoner finally returns to London, but in the guise of the Colonel, no-one, not even Sir Charles Portland nor his daughter Janet makes remark that ZM73 is supposed to have died in an air crash. It would appear that this fact seems to have been forgotten by the time of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’ It is no reflection on Vincent Tilsley’s writing ability, he was not to know of a fact from a much earlier episode. But it’s something that Patrick McGoohan, David Tomblin, and co did forget!
   And the cat? Number 2 said she is hers. But the cat is also seen in the final scene of ‘Many Happy Return’s’ at the feet of Number 2/Mrs. Butterworth. A case of a cat having two mistresses, unless of course it’s the same Number 2, but played by two different actresses. And curiously the cat only appears in two episodes with female Number 2’s, and is never featured with a male Number 2……….feline you see!

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