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Friday, 23 January 2015

A Falling Out Amongst Friends!

    Number 48 was with them, then he went and gone. But what about Number 6? Had he once been with them? Certainly there was a falling out amongst former friends, but to what end…….escape? Had it not been for Number 6, he, 2 and 48 would have ended up somewhere in space, sealed in those orbit tubes aboard the rocket, and possibly Number 1 with them. But again, to what end, just simply to be rid of them? Perhaps the evacuation of The Village had been merely staged for the benefit of the four confederates who escaped aboard that lorry. Yes three of them managed to return to London, but was that the end? Or was it merely the beginning? We feel sure it was for the Prisoner because of the one word on the screen Prisoner. And the “late” Number 2, what of him? Surely such a man of his calibre would not be ignored by those behind The Village for long. Someone in the Establishment would recognise him for his worth, and have him abducted to The Village. The Butler, he wouldn’t have remained at No.1 Buckingham Place, he would leave soon after to begin his own journey. And writing of journeys, could the youth trying to hitch a lift on the dual carriageway really avoid a journey back to The Village? And that’s it you see, if the vicious circle begins again for the Prisoner, then it begins again for 2, 48, the Butler, everyone in fact who lived in The Village. So who or what decides that ‘the Prisoner’ is to begin all over again? Is it pre-ordained by some supernatural force or event? Such a vicious circle doesn’t give much hope of escape for anyone. But surely there was never any doubt about that.

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