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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Thought For The Day

    The President heaps praise upon the former Number 6, as he has vindicated the right of the individual to be individual. Sir as he became known is an individual, he’s on his own. However it would seem that the delegates of the Assembly {who represent each section of society} appear to be rather intolerant  towards individuals. Although each delegate represents an individual section of society, and yet hide behind a mask of anonymity. Prior to the charge against Number 48, read out by the delegate for Anarchy, the delegates fell for 48’s singing and dancing about, and actively joined in. It was only the President who was able to regain power, and the delegates returned back to “normality.”
   So with the delegates intolerance towards individuals, there is no position on the Assembly for a representative for “Individuals.” So imagine that the former Number 6 had accepted, not the transfer of so called “ultimate power,” but The Village. He might well have ended up being assimilated into the Assembly as a new member, and what better position to give a man who has recently vindicated the right of the individual to be individual, than as a delegate who represents “Individuals” within society. Who speaks out for the need to be special and better than anyone else {as Number 6 seemed to think he was} otherwise one is no longer individual.

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