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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Thought For The Day

    The poor old Butler, I wonder if he saw it coming, the fact that one day Number 2 would turn on him. “You’re in it as well, oh yes. Get out, get out of this house!” Number 2 told him, and he raised his hand to the Butler, as though to strike him, but he didn’t. And anyway the Green Dome isn’t a house, because Number 2 doesn’t live there, its merely his office. But in any case the Butler packed a small single suitcase and swept the dust of the Green Dome from his feet. What’s more there wasn’t a word of complaint from him, he went quietly and with dignity. He may have thought he would be alright, that a new Number 2 would be along soon. Then no doubt he would be soon reinstated in his old position. All he had to do was ride out the current storm. And in the meantime it could be expected that the Health and Welfare system of The Village would look after the Butler. And he could go to the Citizens Advice Bureau to see what his rights were, as a homeless person, and without a job.
    Anyway it all worked out very nicely for the
Butler. The paranoid Number 2 was soon replaced by another Number 2, quite possibly by the one who eventually retired having carried out such sterling work for both The Village and its community. The Butler who found himself in the position of the Keeper of the Great Seal of Office at the Appreciation Day ceremony. Yes, the Butler did very nicely while in The Village.

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