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Thursday, 8 January 2015

School Days

    “Those are the days, the days that are gone. The faces forgotten, the memories linger on…..South Minster

   No.6: “Well I certainly shoot more like me than you do!”
   No.6: “That’s because I’m left handed!”
  “Well why don’t you shoot left handed?”
  “Because I’m supposed to be you!”
  “Oh I see. You’re supposed to be me, and I’m supposed to be the baddie!”
  “There’s no supposed about it!”
  “Come to think about it, your fencing was off as well! Not like me, who had a place on the Olympic team.”
  “I was Captain of the School boxing team.”
  “Oh, how is your boxing these days?”
  “You’ll find out in a minute!”
  “Oh that’s very good. That line is worthy of me!”
  “Shall we sing the old school song together, before I beat the living daylights out of you?”
  “The old school song?”
  “Yes. You know the words surely, being an “old boy.”
  “How could I forget.”
  “What house were you in?”
  “The out-house mostly!”              
“I was in Abbey house, colours red and white.”
“Out-house was a sort of nasty shade of brown!”
“Look, are we going to sing the old school song together or not?”
“Alright you start, and I’ll join in.”
“Those are the days……”
“……..The days that are gone.”
“The faces forgotten………”
“…….The memories linger on South Minster.”
“South Minster.”
“Now put em up!”
“Ouch! What’s that?”

“A Chinese burn, you snivelling little creep!”


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