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Thursday, 22 January 2015


    Number 2 tried to do it in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ to make Number 6 kill, kill, kill. But lucky for him 6 still couldn’t do it. But if he had killed Number 2 with that fencing foil, what then? Number 6 and the Butler locked in the Embryo Room with a dead body until the time lock released the door, for how many days that would have been.
    Anyway he’d never killed before, well only on the rare occasions, and it was always with reluctance that John Drake ever killed anyone, even when he was really in harms way. As an act of survival, self-preservation. And yet Number 2 did eventually make Number 6 kill. He put him in a dangerous environment. He gave him love, he took it away, and he made Number 6 kill. But not in an act of self-preservation, but in revenge for the death of Cathy. But it had gone against the Prisoner’s belief, his moral code to put that gun belt on. To go out into the street and face that psychotic killer…….the Kid.
    The Man With No Name had been the fastest on the draw the Judge had ever seen, the last he was likely to see, because the Sheriff then resigned! Is that why he had handed in his badge and gun at the outset of ‘Living In Harmony,’ because he had grown sick of killing, facing up to any two-bit gunslinger out to make a name for himself? Is that why the Prisoner resigned? Having become fed up putting himself in harms way, in dangerous situations. John Drake was forever having to do that, and more than not, having to survive by his wits, and killing only as a last resort. It took an extraordinary situation to make Drake kill, that’s why Number 2 failed that time. Although the Prisoner was supposed to have killed in the war, but killed for peace, that can only beg one question, which war might that have been, the Korean War perhaps?

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