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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Better Be Killed Than Frightened To Death

      A body was found washed up on the beach. Reportedly it was No.6 who originally found the body, and when questioned about it said "It's nothing to do with me, I only found it." Well the question is, just who was this man? A brief description would have him as being middle aged, approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall, about 160 pounds, with fair hair. He was wearing a dark turtle neck jersey, light grey trousers, and deck shoes, which is an indication that this man was a citizen of the village. Although no such citizen has been reported missing, or having been suffocated to death by the village guardian, which also means there is a question regarding the nature of this man death, which was probably caused by drowning, or suffocation yet that is still open to discussion. Apparently No.2 herself has opened an investigation into the man's death, to identify the body, no-one has yet come forward to make a identification, and the circumstances of the man's death.
    Although there was no numbered badge pinned to the body, that surely could have come off in the water. However there is one clue, a photograph found in the dead man's wallet, of the man with a young woman sitting together by the free sea fountain and pool in the central piazza of the village.
   This photograph is conclusive proof that the dead man was a citizen of the village, and now it is only a matter of time before the young woman in the photograph is identified, and by her the dead man. The fact that the man in the photograph is wearing a open neck shirt, could be that the photograph was actually taken on the day of his arrival here in the village. This reporter has carried out his own investigation, and it is possible that the dead man is no less than No.34, who was under observation by No.240 who I spoke to earlier today. "Yes I was No.34's observer" said No.240 "When I went on duty yesterday I asked my Supervisor if I should watch No.34. I was told that he was dead." So is the dead man washed up on the shore No.34?
   The dead man's body now lies in the village mortuary, and the question of how he died still remains, and his identity still needing to be confirmed, as well as that of the young woman in the photograph, who might be able to shed light on another item found in the dead man's pockets - a small transistor radio, possession of which goes against the rules. How this man gained possession of such a radio is unknown. Why he had possession is also unknown, however it is possible that the radio transmission picked up by No.6 could have been meant for the dead man, "The appointment cannot be fulfilled, other things must be done tonight." So was the dead man sent to infiltrate the village, then hung out to dry by his superiors? There are many questions still to be answered, like what was to have happened, had the appointment been kept? As I understand it, the investigation continues.

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