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Monday 17 December 2012

The Professor's Lecture

   They say that the Prisoner is timeless, that you couldn't put an age to it, even though we know it was produced in the mid to late 1960's. Mind you in my opinion, ‘the Prisoner’ isn’t beginning to look it’s age, far from it. Since the over re-mastering of the film, the series looks as though it was only filmed yesterday, and that's the trouble, it wasn't! And through that re-mastering the things in the 17 episode series which were not meant to be seen, can now be seen more clearly! So thanks to the re-mastering, and re-mastering again, and possibly a third re-mastering, you can easily detect which is the Village, and which are mock-up sets, and large painted back-drops of the village. Now I understand that a company by the name of Network DVD have released the Prisoner, and No.6 thought this a very good plan to aid his escape, on Blu-Ray High Definition. Well just image the clarity of picture, all the faults will be there to be seen in High Definition. As far as I'm concerned this is a complete ruination of the Prisoner, a step too far in my opinion. It puts me in mind of a film which stars Ray Milland – ‘The Man With X-Ray Eyes,’ who wanted to see everything, and as far as he could. However, when he could, all he wanted to do to his offending eyes was to "Pluck them out!"

The Professor

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