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Tuesday 18 December 2012

The Therapy Zone

We see in ‘Fall Out’, that the Prisoner's house is being made ready for him, that his car has been delivered, valeted and polished. So in all the time the Prisoner was in the village, someone was seeing to it that his home, and his car were being taken care of. Mrs Butterworth lived at 1 Buckingham Place for a time, and even had possession of his Lotus 7!
   But 1 Buckingham Place doesn't have a garage, and I cannot believe that the Prisoner’s car had been left parked outside 1 Buckingham Place for 15 months, parked on a single yellow line - the police would have had the Lotus towed away! So I can only imagine that the Lotus was put away in a garage, looked after, as was his house, ready for the Prisoner's return, which took place in Fall Out!
   The Prisoner had leased the house, on which there was 6 months still to run. So if Mrs. Butterworth was supposed to have the house leased to her for 10 years, why was the house 1 Buckingham Place put up for sale? Well obviously the lease Mrs. Butterworth showed the Prisoner was a fake. So with the lease having run out, during the Prisoner's captivation in the village, the house was obviously put up for sale by the owners. But then was taken off the market, bought by who, bought by who....... not the Prisoner, he was awaiting the transfer of ultimate power in that cavern somewhere beneath the Village!

Number 7's It Doesn't Really Mean Anything
    That moment during the opening sequence, after the Prisoner has driven into the underground car park, he alights from his Lotus 7 and pushes open a pair of doors marked "Way Out." Do you know some fans of the Prisoner series see this as him entering a building via the "Way Out." Well that's ridiculous isn't it. After all the Prisoner has just driven into an underground car park, and now he is leaving the said underground car park via the "Way Out."
  You see, an ordinary, everyday occurrence like this, which doesn't really mean anything, so why look for a more complicated explanation, or interpretation, when there's a simpler one at hand?


Our old Friend Curtis
   It's no wonder he went completely tonto! Brought to a strange Village, forced to impersonate No.6, not only impersonate but steal his whole soul! And knowing what No.6 is like, that's no mean task in anyones book.
   And then he's attacked by Rover, the village guardian, and after he'd given the correct password! Then after being taken to hospital, well the after effects can be pretty nasty, Curtis is kept in the village, well he can't be allowed to leave the village, and he can't be allowed to wander the village, not with that face! So Curtis is kept in isolation.
   And then the day comes, the day of reckoning in ‘Fall Out.’ When Cutis is wheeled out of isolation, and forced once more to impersonate No.6...... well to do it once was bad enough for Curtis, but to have to do through it again a second time, well that was bound to be enough to send poor old Curtis completely round the twist!

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