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Saturday 15 December 2012

United Nations In The Village by our own reporter

   Today a unit of United Nations forces took control of the Village. A Top-Hat Administrative official is arrested!
   Yesterday the village successfully launched a rocket, putting a man in space, that man was No.1. Yet many world leaders condemned this action, the launching of the ‘Fall Out’ Rocket, and so United Nations forces were despatched in order to take control of the village. Those citizens who were not lucky enough to escape the village during the evacuation, are being retained by United Nations personnel in order to maintain the security of the village.
   What future this installation now has will be resolved at the next meeting of the United Nations, but for the time being will remain under United Nations control. It is possible that those responsible for the village will be facing charges for infringing on human rights, of improper detention, possibly even for acts of medical atrocities against its human habitants, such as human experimentation!
   The question at the moment for the United Nations will be how to distinguish the Prisoners from the warders. And no doubt there will be a scramble for any new technologies developed in the Village, and for the mass of information which the Village administration has been able to collect and store away over the years.

Our Own reporter
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