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Wednesday 19 December 2012

The Therapy Zone

    I have often wondered which was the worst defeat for No.2 to have to face, for him to have to answer for. Take that episode of ‘The General,’ the General destroyed by a question put to it by No.6, which would be bad enough, But then there are two deaths, that of the Professor, and the administrative figure of No.12 who tried to save the life of the Professor, who both are electrocuted to death by the General!
   Then we come to ‘Living In Harmony’ in which No.8 strangles No.22 to death with his bare hands, and then commits suicide by throwing himself off the balcony in the Silver Dollar Saloon. But really there is no evidence to prove that No.22 was actually strangled to death, because as No.6 knelt at her side No.22 was able to speak, she said "I wish it had been real," so No.22 was alive when No.6 arrived on the scene. Had No.22 been strangled by No.8 she would have been unable to speak. I mean No.22 was either strangled to death, or she wasn't, there is no two ways about it.
    So with the actual doubt of the murder of No.22 at the hands of No.8, I should say that ‘The General,’ with the loss of the General, together with the two deaths of the Professor and administrator No.12 is the worst defeat for No.2, a defeat he would ultimately have to pay for.
   Mind you there is also ‘Do Not forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ in which although the Village acquired the reversal process, Professor Seltzman did out-wit No.2, and thereby escaping the Village, as well as suffering the death of the Colonel!

I Wish You Could Come Too!
   No.2 is on the telephone speaking presumably to No.1. No.1 who has presumably expressed the wish that he could be there at the Ball in the evening, hence No.2's response "Yes, I wish you could come too."
   If No.1 had turned up at the Ball in the evening, that would have livened things up a bit. But then how would we know he didn’t? How would No.6 know that the man behind the big door is there? Everyone will be in fancy dress and some wearing masks! But then again, seeing as how No.6 and No.1 are the alter ego of the other, No.1 was there all the time!

No.7's It Doesn't Really Mean Anything
    Take the innocent looking Astro or Lava lamp, seen by some to be symbolic, suggestive even. "Suggestive," wrote one fan, "of the Village Guardian, Seen to be malevolent, as though it would do you harm if it were ever to escape it close confinement." Get out of it, and get real for goodness sake. Its a simple Astro or Lava lamp - depending on what you want to call it, its contents oil and wax, which is more soothing and tranquil than it is malevolent!"


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