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Wednesday 12 December 2012

The Professor's Lecture

  A reinterpretation of the Prisoner has been long overdue ladies and gentlemen. Soon after the original series had hit the screen, even in 1968 ladies and gentlemen, there was talk of another series. A series in which Angelo Muscat, who played the role of the Butler, and Alexis Kanner, were going to be in a series which saw them running around the world, pursued by the forces of the village! What a load of old tosh I thought when I first heard that story.
   And ever since that time ladies and gentlemen, there's been talk of a remake, for television, and a Hollywood blockbuster. Patrick McGoohan had in fact submitted his own script to Hollywood film producers, but they threw it out, saying that people would never understand it! In 1996 it was announced at a Prisoner convention that year, that the cameras were about to "roll" on a Hollywood remake. Names were put forward as contenders for the role of No.6, Mel Gibson being one such name. But all the rumour came to nothing. The Truman Show, you remember that film, which I suppose was a kind of Prisoner based film, but without the numbers. And then with all the poor substandard remakes such as The Avengers, The Saint, Randall And Hopkirk {Deceased}, amongst others, it began to look as though the Prisoner should be left well alone.
   But now, the world, well America, are but a few days away from seeing a reinterpretation of THEPRIS6NER. Sadly there is no room for the likes of me. No painted back-drops of the Village, Rover has grown up, into a computer generated image, which means no fishing line tied to the belt of Jim Caveziel's trousers with the village guardian tethered to the other end!

The Professor

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