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Sunday 23 December 2012

Pictorial PRIS6NER

    Here we see Helen in New York, having been given a cocktail of hallucinogenic drugs and now lies sedated dreaming the Village. She volunteered for the Village experiment because she was desperate for a child, but in relaity she could not have a child, so saw the Village as being the answer. However being heavily sedated Helen/M2 never got to know her son 11-12, and 11-12 grew up not knowing his mother!
   There is one thing in THEPRIS6NER which does not quite add up, it is this. I can understand why Helen is heavily sedated in New York, so she keeps dreaming the Village. However, why does M2 {Two's wife} have to be kept so heavily sedated in the Village? In my book M2 could have been like any other citizen in the Village. She could have had her life with her husband Two, and son 11-12, because it was not M2 who was dreaming the Village, after all it was her other self Helen back in New York who was dreaming the Village. So to have M2 sedated in the Village as well doesn't make any sense!

Breathe in.....breathe out......more Village!


  1. Remember what we've been discussing some time earlier? In my own account, my personal summary I wrote:

    >>2 keeps M2 in her artificial sleep by means of the pills. He feeds her those pills in this virtual reality. Why there? Shouldn't this happen "logically" in the real world of New York?
    What about her counterpart Helen, does she, too, have to swallow pills in order to be able to keep on "dreaming"? ... Or is it in her imagination that she needed the pills...?<<

    It's inexplicable. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,

      Ah yes indeed, thank you for reminding me. And as you say this is inexplicable. I've also thought of something else which is even more inexplicable, and the thought occured to me after what Jana wrote to me in an email yesterday, as we are discussing the above subject. But I'm saving "the even more inexplicable" for a piece of blog

      Very kind regards