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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Thought For The Day

    The Colonel's body, with the mind of the Prisoner, takes out a pair of National Health spectacles from the breast pocket of his jacket. He attaches two different coloured eye pieces over the lenses so to read the message created by a number of slides. This to discover the whereabouts of Professor Seltzman.
    Well that is all well and good, and in the past there has been some discussion on whether or not the Prisoner's voice would be the same, seeing as his handwiting remains the same. So where's the question here? Well I don't recall the Prisoner-No.6 actually wearing glasses in the Village. The only time he does, is when he is pretending to be a doctor in 'Dance of the Deda,' when he finds a pair of spectacles in the breast pocket of a white coat. So I can only assume that the Colonel wear spectacles, and those seen worn belong to the Colonel. But if the Prisoner's handwriting is the same, would the Prisoner-No.6's mind really need spectacles when he doesn't wear them in the Village? I suppose that would all depend on how well the Prisoner-No.6 sees through the eyes of the Colonel!
   Footnote: In reality I can only assume that the spectacles worn by Nigel Stock are his own, and not those of Patrick McGoohan, as we see him wearing his own spectacles in 'Dance of the Dead.'

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  1. Arthur Butterworth19 December 2012 at 19:37

    I would assume that the glasses belonged to Number Six and that they were not to correct a vision defect but to hold the special lenses that would enable the wearer to view the secret message on the slides. Nothing to do with the Colonel.

    1. Hello Arthur,

      Compliments of the season to you.

      I think it would have been better had the Colonel/Number 6 had taken both the glasses and the two coloured lenses {which incidentally are coloured glass lenses which wearers of spectacles could clip over the lenses of their spectacles - you don't see them these days} from a desk drawer or somewhere. Seeing as how they are taken from his jacket pocket, gives the impression he carries them about with him all the time!

      Yes, I suppose they would have nothing to do with the Colonel, seeing as it's Number 6 who is looking for Seltzman. It's just I cannot see Number 6 wearing National Health specatacles! But then it's not Patrick McGoohan playing the character, it's Nigel Stock.