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Sunday 16 December 2012

The Therapy Zone

In The Therapy Zone 
   After talking to the barman of the Cat & Mouse night club, he gave me directions to The Therapy Zone, a place where I can get an alcoholic drink. So in the night I set out along the sea wall, passed the Old People's Home, and out towards the outskirts of the village, until I stumbled across a hidden cave.
  "The Therapy Zone is a place where you can go and be a alcoholic in perfect privacy, just as long as you rejoin the flock in good time." These are the words of No.2, who himself purports to be an alcoholic. Yes, well if you believe that, you'll believe anything, so to hell with the village!
   Apparently the Therapy Zone, a cave on the outskirts of the Village, is the home to "the brewer," who brews his brew for his customers.
    Here you can see the "brewer" working at his still, and his two customers at this present time, No.2 and No.6. Well like them my photographic colleague No.113b and I, will have a double, without water.
  But apparently the Therapy Zone is nothing more than a place for "the brewer," who is really a scientist, to brew his brew, play with his chalk, "they" then come along once a week to photograph the stuff on the blackboard. Then "they" clean it up so he can do some more. But is it?
   For as No.6 finishes his drink, he collapses onto the floor. Apparently No.6 has been drugged, and it's clear who has done it, "the brewer." So it would seem that "the brewer" isn't who No.2 purports him to be, but is actually working for the village. Mind you, he does brew a good brew... cheers.

The Colonel!
    Well of course it's not the Colonel, it's really the mind of the Prisoner-No.6, so what I am about to type doesn't really count. But for what it's worth, in a scene during the episode of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ the Colonel/the Prisoner-No.6 writes the name SELTZMAN in block capital letters on a sheet of paper. Then by counting the numbers of the letters of the alphabet he then writes each corresponding number above it's letter.
   It has been said by fans of the Prisoner that the Colonel/the Prisoner-No.6 should know the numbers of the alphabet, and not need to count them on his fingers. for example everyone knows that A is 1 and that E is 5, Z is 26 and so on.
   Well that is so, but as it happens, and generally speaking, it is only those who work everyday with codes and ciphers who know without thinking each number of the letters of the alphabet. For example, a friend of my wife once told her some years ago now, when she was free to do so, that she had worked at Bletchley Park during WW2 breaking the German codes. And was amazed that my wife did not know the numbers of the letters of the alphabet, which came second nature to my wife’s friend.
   So why does the Prisoner's mind, which had worked with ciphers and codes, need to count the numbers of the alphabet on his hand like that? In all probability simply for the camera and those who are watching. Otherwise we would have no idea what the mind of the Prisoner was up to, would we now?

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