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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Earl Cameron - Doctor of Letters {DLitt}

    Warwick University has announced on Monday 17th of December, that it is toEarl Cameron award an honorary degree to a Warwickshire based actor Earl Cameron who has ranged from James Bond to Jackanory.
Earl Cameron
Honorary Doctor of Letters (DLitt)

Born in Bermuda and now living in Kenilworth in Warwickshire, Earl first arrived in the UK in London on the eve of the Second World War, while working for the Merchant Navy. His acting career began in the 1940s with a number of stage roles including playing alongside Patrick McGoohan in a tour of the play Deep are the Roots which included a visit to Coventry. He became one of the first black actors to break the unofficial "colour bar" in the UK on film and TV, beginning with his breakthrough film acting role in Pool of London, a 1951 film set in post-war London involving racial prejudice, romance and a diamond robbery. Since then he has had major parts in many films, including the James Bond movie Thunderball (1965), in which he played Bond's Caribbean assistant Pinder Romania. Most recently his film roles include Inception (2010), The Interpreter (2005), and The Queen (2006), where he worked alongside Helen Mirren.
     Earl has also appeared on a range of popular television shows including Danger Man, The Prisoner, Jackanory, Doctor Who, Dixon of Dock Green, Crown Court, Lovejoy, Waking the Dead, Kavanagh QC, EastEnders and many more.
    In 2009 Earl was awarded a CBE for his services to drama and The Earl Cameron Theatre in Hamilton, Bermuda, was named in his honour at a ceremony he attended there on 5 December 2012.
Congratulations to Earl.
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