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Thursday 20 December 2012

Collectors Corner

   I came across the two following items on ebay yesteday.

THE PRISONER Mini Moke PATRICK MCGOOHAN Tribute 1:43 DVD Code 3 No 6 n Dinky 106

Diecast Vehicle Design (DVD)
1:43 Scale Mini Moke Taxi
This is a model of one of the cars which appeared in 'The Prisoner' and which is currently undergoing restoration.....
    Please beware of 'Prisoner' Moke models from other sellers which are not modified and feature many inaccuracies (in particular, look-out for blue and white fabric-tops, as these are mass-produced items that have not been altered/upgraded)
    This model is a conversion based upon a  recent diecast collector's model - it is not the old 1960s Dinky 106.....
   This model features the Moke with the 'Surrey-top' removed - it appeared in the show like this on various occasions, including a mobile fight scene....
Also included are:
'Taxi' plates with accurate type-face
Striped seat covers
Striped spare-wheel cover (the base model didn't have a spare)
Wood-effect running boards
Wood grain side-panel detail
Bonnet logo - as still seen on the real vehicle...
Model comes with it's own display base, plus some bonus 'film-still' cards we have sourced
Valued at £45.99

1:43 THE PRISONER Patrick McGoohan Tribute Issue Lotus Seven DVD Le Prisonnier1:43 Scale Lotus Super Seven Series 2 - the Lotus factory demonstrator loaned to ITC for filming The Prisoner

Correct in every detail from the Racing Green/ Yellow colour scheme (like the Lotus Formula 1 cars of the time) to the pressed steel wheels - don't confuse this with the more recent Norev version of the Seven in similar colours - that's a model of a much later car (1990s, not 1960s) with many modern features such as alloy wheels, roll bar and other differences.............
.........this is a model of the car from the series, in 1967 specification, and correct right down to the white plastic registration letters/numbers (KAR 120C) bolted straight onto the grille to save the weight of the aluminium plate......
    Each model (unless otherwise stated) comes with it's own special display stand. This stand features the name of the car and has the facility to enclose any chosen images under the clear plastic-cover. In addition, we have sourced some cards with related images which may be placed as shown, and an extra bonus plastic display stand which may be used with the base, or freestanding where space is limited.

Valued at £45.99
Be seeing you

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