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Thursday 13 December 2012


                                           [Could You Really Trust This Man?]   
     This filming of the gunrunner scene of ‘Many Happy Returns’ created the opportunity for one of the most startling portrait photographs Roy Gough took of McGoohan during the series. He recalled that, This particular day they were shooting a scene where Pat had set fire to something to act as a diversion and we were using a lot of smoke. Anyway, whilst getting ready to shoot, the stagehand would have to use a smoke generator to make smoke, and on this occasion he made far too much and swamped the whole set. It was only a small area in which we were filming and you could hardly see a thing, so they had to wait a while for the smoke to clear enough to begin shooting. I could see all this going on, and Pat was standing to one side and looking very enigmatic, the way he did. I could see it would make an interesting photograph, but there was too much smoke for me to get a decent shot, so I lowered my camera. Pat saw this and knew what I was trying to do, so he gently blew the smoke away from around his face and snap! I got the shot. That was Pat. He could see I was having difficulty, and he quietly helped out. I got a couple of other similar shots later on, but none of them matched the shot Pat helped me on."


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