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Saturday 22 December 2012

Thought For The Day

    I've been thinking, thinking in broad concepts and I've arrived at the conclusion that there is a similarity between No.1 and M2. Now I know what you're thinking, one shouldn't compare the one series to the other, or mix them up together, and that is perfectly correct the both series are an entity in themselves. However in 'the Prisoner' No.1 is head of the Village, yet he cannot go out and enjoy the Village in the same way ordinary citizens do. For the simple reason that he looks exactly like No.6. Of course No.1 could go out and about in the Village impersonating No.6, as No.12-Curtis does in 'The Schizoid Man.' And before, during 'The Chimes of Big Ben' there is the figure who looks like No.6 standing on the balcony of the Green Dome, when No.6 is still in bed! And after, just before No.6 is leaving the Green Dome, there is the figure who again looks like No.6. The figure might be that of No.1 out and about the Village the only way he can, by impersonating No.6! Other than that, No.1 is confined to that big red "1" rocket in it's silo, or a room somewhere in the complex under the Village.
    In the Village of THEPRIS6NER, M2 to confined to her bed for much of the time, heavily sedated and fed a concoction of hallucinatory drugs. Like No.1 M2 is not allowed to go out and about in the Village. Although she does so in 'Checkmate' for a short time, so she has the chance to be with her son. And there are times when M2 is woken by Two, because he needs to spend time with his wife. But M2 is never awake for long, as holes soon begin to appear in the Village when M2 is awake!
   There is a comparison betwen No.1 and M2, but there is also an anomoly where M2 is concerned. In the fact that M2 is kept drugged in the Village in the same way Helen is kept drugged in New York where it's Helen is dreaming the Village. Which should have meant that M2 could have gone out and about in the Village without any danger of holes appearing in the Village. The holes should not have appeared until Helen in New York was awake. Unless of course when M2 is awake in the Village the same time Helen is awake in New York!
   But of course, where either series of 'the Prisoner' is concerned we can only work with what we have, and speculate about everything else!

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