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Friday 14 December 2012

The Therapy Zone

A Devious Mind

 There's one word which describes this particular No.2 - Elfin. A devious mind she might have, but I cannot help but feel that she makes a good Peter Pan, the little boy who never grew up. But a more devious Peter Pan you would not wish to meet!

No.7's It Doesn't Really Mean Anything
   Outside the series the Butler is said to represent the “little man who hasn't a voice in society” well you might think that. There are those who are of the opinion that the Butler is mute and cannot speak, I’m of a different opinion. Perhaps the Butler simply cannot think of anything worth saying! 
    Originally the Butler was supposed to have had a voice, and over six feet into the bargain. But McGoohan thought that a butler like that, would deflect much from his own character of No.6. So they got Angelo Muscat to be the diminutive Butler instead!

I Don't Mind Your Face!

   Okay, I can see why Sir Charles Portland would think that this man is not ZM73. But really I cannot see why Sir Charles should doubt this man's identity, that of the Colonel. Unless of course the Colonel didn’t work for Sir Charles Portland's department. And if the Colonel didn't, that means the Colonel is working for the village, as we have seen. Another worm in the barrel of rotten apples which seems to be the Civil Service!

I'd Like To Be The First Man On The Moon!
Those are the words spoken by No.6 to No.2 during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ Why No.6 should want to be the first man on the moon I have no idea, because there would be nothing for hi to do when he got there, save to be all alone, by himself!
But I wonder.......... I wonder if No.1 could have made it to the moon. somehow I doubt No.1 could have survived such a one-way journey. For that is what it would have been. Then again, looking at it from a different angle..... I wonder what was in the mind of Curtis, sealed as he was in the nose cone of the rocket as it blasted off, out of the underground silo? What must have been going through his mind? If things had not been bad enough for Curtis in the village, because there he was sealed in a rocket, with a one-way ticket to, to god knows where. And nothing to look forward to but a quick death! Oh how Curtis must have panicked in that rocket as it blasted off, and with no possible power of being able to do anything about it. I wonder if Curtis thought about those who had used him so, having brought him to such an end. And in those final few seconds, to see the last human face he was ever likely to see staring up at him, his own face, just as dropped the hatch must have been a nightmare for him.
Such a terrible fate for No.1/Curtis. It must have seemed as though he had sealed his own fate himself!

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