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Sunday 16 December 2012

Who's Who In The Prisoner?

No.14 "Well I certainly look a lot more like me than you do!"
No.22 "And I Iook more like me than you do. But I've to admit that there is a certain similarity."
"What rot!"
"I'm not in the habit of talking rot!"
"Who do you think you are to go about impersonating me?"
"Impersonating you, I like that!"
"Well I don't!"
"You have to admit number.......?"
"Number fourteen, I'm twenty-two. You have to admit that there is a similarity between us. Hair, height, weight. My god, we're also wearing the same clothes!"
"I don't know what your game is, but I'm nothing like you!"
"You're not standing where I am. It's like looking into a mirror!"
"Well at least I'm in the series before you, I'm Number Two's assistant in 'Hammer Into Anvil.'."
"Well so am I, but in the next episode 'It's Your Funera.l'
"I think, just a minute, I'm in that episode too!"
"But you can't be. You're name doesn't appear in the casting list."
"Perhaps not, but take a close look at Number Six's opponant in the bout of Kosho, I think you'll find that's me."
"Yes. The Kosho bout was filmed for 'Hammer Into Anvil,'"
"So why use most of it in 'It's Your Funeral?"
"I don't know, but I'm going to find out. I'll give him uncredited!"
"Pat, that Pat McGoohan. I'm gong to have a word with hm."
"I wouldn't do that old boy."
"What not have a word with Pat?"
"No, don't call him Pat. He doesn't like it, he gets all upset about it!"
"Anyway I'm sure I'm supposed to be you."
"Me! You're supposed to be me, what rot!"
"Well why is it I look so much like you, wearing the same clothes. Look you weren't supposed to appear in 'It's Your Funeral' were you?"
"What as Number twenty-two?"
"No Number fourteen!"
"I bet you were. I bet they dropped you like a hot potatoe. And then they brought me in to play fourteen instead."
"But you are twenty-two."
"What's in a number?!"
"That does it, I'm definately going to have a word. Oi Pat, I want a word with you.......!"
"Poor Basil, I did warn him."
Voice: "Mark Burns wanted on set."


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