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Saturday 29 December 2012

The Therapy Zone

Map Of Your Village
   “I'd like a map of this area" I said "Colour or black and white?" Well I wasn't much bothered, and here is the selection of MAPS OF YOUR VILLAGE I was given.
   First a black and white map, which also contains text about the Prisoner series and Portmeirion. Second up was another, more simple black and white map, and nothing else. It looks on the outside to be the same as it's predecessor, but it's not. Originally this black and white map of your Village came with a ordinance survey map of Portmeiron, the woods, and peninsular. This is the most authentic black and white reproduced map of your village
   The first colour Map of Your Village, with text and colour photographs of Portmeirion and MGM film studios at Borehamwood, but which has the hospital marked on it. Whereas the original Map of Your Village doesn't!
   Another black and white map of your village, smaller this time, and with both episode synopsis and complete cast and credits.
  At last! The first correctly produced replica of a colour Map of Your Village, okay it's not perfect with leather effect front cover, but not on the back, and the map itself - painted in water colour!!!!! Not only that, but there is a great quantity of text. Text regarding the original colour map of you village, and not only that, the text goes into long a full detailed account on how this map was produced!!! WHY????????????????
   And now we come to the most recent of Maps of Your Village, produced by De Agostini as part of their Prisoner part-work. A leather effect full cover, with authentically reproduced colour Map of Your Village. The best ever colour Village map reproduced I feel.
   So having all these Maps of Your Village at my disposal, I'm still not clear as to where I am. The village is still just the village. The mountains are just the same on any map, as is the sea, cliffs and caves.
  So where am I? Well your guess is as good as mine. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it might very well be the Italianate Village of Portmeirion.

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  1. Hi there, An absolutely wonderful Blog Article, extremely helpful.
    I was hoping you have this information for me please;
    I would greatly appreciate it if you could please inform me as to what year the Steven Ricks Maps were produced/Printed???
    I am selling on eBay my last of these 2 Maps that I previously collected and I would like to list as many details as possible, the only thing I am missing now is the year these Steven Ricks Map's were printed.
    Best Regards,

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.
      Regarding the black and white map, I cannot be precise as to the exact year, but it was produced in the early 1980's. Steven also produced the first colour Map of Your Village in 1992, although that is not represented here. The first colour map on this piece of blog was produced by Roger Langley.

      Best regards