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Thursday 27 December 2012


    One might think, and several fans of the original series have said so, that there is absolutely nothing whatsoever to discuss about the 2009 series. Well that's all well and good, but it's generally people who have not bothered to watch the series who say that. But then if they haven't watched the series, how do they know?
   Take the situation towards the end of 'Checkmate' when the Village is being handed over to Six and 313. 313 is chosen because she is in love with Six, and Six is chosen by Two as being the ideal man to take the Village experiment forward, to make a better Village, moral Village.
   The mixture of pills is given to 313 in the Village......but isn't that wrong? But surely it should be that the pills are given to Sarah back in New York? Not in the Village!
    After all it's going to be Sarah who is to dream the Village, not 313. Perhaps what we see in the Village, 313 having been given the pills to take, is a mental reflection of what is taking place in New York to Sarah. You see, certain situations in THEPRIS6NER are far from being cut and dried, as myself and other aficianados of the series have found.
   The new Two, the former Six dreams of finding a way of making a better Village. Well I think that's going to prove unlkely, looking at the basic biulding material he has chosen to work with. Sarah is mentally unstable from having suffered both mental and physical abuse as a child. I should dread to think what kind of Village Six is able to come up with in the mind of Sarah!

Breathe in.....breathe out......more......Village.

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