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Monday 31 December 2012

What's That No.6 Up To?

    First gunslinger "Watch him Frank, he's armed with a stick!"
    Frank "It's worse than that, he's got a log!"
    So what's The Man With No Name's next move? He might be fast enough to beat the first gunslinger, but not to get the better of Frank. Frank will gun him down like a dog in the street. A man isn't safe if he's not wearing a gun!
   “Did you hear about the gunslinger who walked into a 'fish & chip' shop...... he was battered to death!”
   “No, I reckon Zeke will drop that log, and go quietly, for to borrow one of No.2's sayings "He who drops a log of wood and walks away, lives to pick it up another day, and bash someone's brains out with it!"


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