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Monday 31 December 2012

Thought For The Day

   I received an email the other day from an old friend who shows the desire to visit me in the very near furture. We were talking about 'the Prisoner' and Patrick McGoohan. He said that he had been watching his 'Colombo' DVDs 'Dawns Early Lght' and 'Identity Crisis.' He made the remark that McGoohan can only act in one character. He may have seen them so many times, but he seemed to always play the same angry man. McGoohan plays characters like an angry man who has an issue with everything.
    My friend was thinking of when his character in MAGIC NUMBER 6 joked that Roger Moore should have voiced Captain Scarlet because he would give a wooden performance. Pots and kettles. If you think about it, he never ever played anything but an angry man who treated everyone as if they were stupid and got on his nerves.
    Quote: "He played it very well though and made 'Danger Man' and 'The Prisoner,' and I think 'Kings and Desperate Men' very enjoyable. I think an actor should be judged not by how well he delivers a Shakespearian line  or how varied he can be, it is simply after watching or listening to a performance, did you enjoy it, and with McGoohan I always did."
   For myself I have only watched 'Kings and Desperate Men' once, I've no desire to watch it again!



  1. Hello, David. I didn't care for 'Kings And Desperate Men' either. It was more like a bad television play than a film. Kanner claimed years later he was offered a lot of money to remake it without Patrick, but refused. I find it hard to believe that anyone wanted it remade. Best wishes, Zokko

    1. Hello Zokko,
      I am gratified that I am not the only person to dislike 'Kings and Desperate Men.' But I was unaware that Kanner claimed that he had been offered a lot of money to remake the film. If that had been the case I'd have thought Kanner would have given his eye teeth for that opportunity. I too find it difficult to believe that anyone would want to remake that film, but certainly Kanner claimed that the plot of the film 'Die Hard' was stolen from his film. I will leave it to others to make up their own minds as to whether that was correct or not.

      Enjoy the weekend
      Best wishes