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Saturday 22 December 2012


    There is the occasional anomaly within THEPRIS6NER, one such anomaly took place during ‘Arrival,’ the bloke in the top picture appears in the Clinic lying on a trolley. Six saw the man, who mouthed to him "Help me." The next moment the man had disappeared. But then later Six encounters this man again who is sitting outside the Solar Cafe playing Solitaire. I suppose the mind is a powerful thing, and occasionally it can play tricks on you, especially here in The Village.
    And when I say the mind can play tricks on you, I also mean 11-12's act of matricide. If 11-12 didn't really is it possible that he murdered his own mother by suffocating her with a cushion? You see Two's wife, M2, controlled everything that went on in The Village through her subconscious mind, controlled people's actions. So surely M2 was controlling 11-12's actions when he suffocated his mother to death. M2 was very cunning here, because like others before her, she had suffered a Village death. A Village death through which M2 found release, able to escape The Village, and waking up in the "other place" of New York, but at the expense of her son..............................but then what did that matter, 11-12 didn't exist anyway!
    There are those who are born in The Village, and those who are dreamers brought to The Village.............................................I was just wondering which is which? How many of each........who's standing beside you now?
    In the episode ‘Schizoid’ Six is provoked. He's rattled, and part of his personality has been released, that of his anger. And if Six cannot control his anger, Two will control Six! And for Six to give into his desire, is to give into The Village and give Two what he wants. Because if it wasn't bad enough for Six, battling with both The Village and Two, he's now also battling against himself that of Two times Six. But I wonder what happened to that other Six, Two times Six? At the end of ‘Checkmate’ we see Six sitting in the desert with 313. Six wants to do it the right way, to make a better Village. But as it has been said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and sooner or later Two times Six, or rather Two times Two, the Two inside, will re-emerge...............................

Breathe in….breathe out….more Village.

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