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Tuesday 11 December 2012

School Days

Those are the days, the days that are gone. The faces forgotten, the memories linger on...... Southminster.
  Headmaster "And so we come to another graduation day. A joyful moment for any boy, but especially for our prize pupil. As we launch him into the rapids of adulthood we look back on the ups and downs of his childhood and view with some satisfaction, the fine specimen you see before you now. Have you anything to say?"
Pupil "Nothing."
"Nothing? Nothing at all?"
"Thank you for everything."
Congratulations my boy, you will do well. We are proud of you. Proud that you have learned to manage your rebellious spirit. Proud that your obedience is absolute. Why did you resign?"
"What's that Sir?"
"Oh come along boy.... why did you resign?"
"From what Sir?"
"Now my boy, you know what I'm talking about...... why did you resign? It's no good looking over there boy, the answers not written on the wall!"


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