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Saturday 29 December 2012

The Professor's Lecture

      I have never seen the point in those so call "Astro" lamps, but I suppose you would know them better as "Lava" lamps. I mean just what is the point of wax being heated in hot oil by a bulb and electricity. Originally they were created by a gentleman by the name of Craven Walker in the late 1950's, inspired by something he saw in a public house. He asked if he could have this lamp which was filled with heated oil and wax. Craven Walker improved the device and patented it, and eventually after becoming a success, he eventually sold his company which today trades under the name of Mathmos. But I still don't see the point, unless it is to relax one, and that would account for the image of the "Lava" Lamp on No.2's wall screen in his office, the sight of slowly rising and falling globules of wax in hot oil must calm and soothing in times of stress!

The Professor

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