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Wednesday 13 August 2014

Congratulations On Yet Another Day!

    On the morning of ‘Free For All’ there comes an early morning greeting, made by a female announcer 'Congratulations on yet another day,' probably meaning that if you're awake, you've made it through the night! Well 'the men in nice white coats come and take you away, mostly in the night when you’re off your guard {or heavily sedated} as they did with Number 6 in ‘A B and C’ on three consecutive nights. And if it hadn't have been for the doctor-Number 14 there was one time when Number 6 might not have made it through the night! And then there is the time when again they came in the night, and Number 6 woke up, apparently the next morning not knowing where or who he was, that’s the Schizoid Man for you!

I'll be seeing you

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