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Saturday 23 August 2014

Thought For The Day

   "Big Ben has just struck eight. My watch says eight."
                                           {No.6 - The Chimes of Big Ben}
   But what proof do we have that No.6's wrist watch said eight O'clock? The Colonel didn't ask to see the watch. The watch may very well have stopped for all the Colonel knew. It is always possible that No.6 smelt a rat, and decided to say the business about the wrist watch to see how the Colonel would react. The Colonel didn't react, he didn't even ask to see No.6's wrist watch!
   It would seem that along with the Colonel, we are expected to accept No.6's word for it! Words from No.2 of 'Free For All' suddenly spring to mind about No.6, "Can you trust him?"
  One further thought, having looked at the scene when the crate is opened, No.6 does have a rather cynical expression on his face. But perhaps that's because he's tired from the 12 hour journey!

I'll be seeing you


  1. That's an interesting point. In "Arrival", No.6 sees an electropass which is actually a watch. The hands of the watch spin, rather like the blades of the helicopter he's granted access to.
    So No.6 has seen that the Village can manipulate the hands of a watch - so perhaps the Village could also mess about with the watch he received from Karel, whilst No.6 is inside the crate. Or, at least No.6 might think it's possible.

    Be seeing you!

    1. Hello ZM72,
      Yes, that's a nice piece of syncronisation between the rotor blades of the helicopter and the hands of the Electro-Pass.
      It might not be simply a question of the manipulation of No.6's wristwatch, but of time itself. The Prisoner would have arrived in The Village with his wrist watch set at London time {unless it had been adjusted to Village time while he was unconscious} but if not, that means The Village would be in the same time-zone as Great Britain. So even if No.6's wrist watch had not becoMe water logged {forcing him to take Karel's watch} No.6's wrist watch would still have said eight o'clock when Big Ben struck eight!

      Very kind regards