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Thursday 28 August 2014

I Am The New Number 2!

   In 'It's Your Funeral,' we discover that a number of "interim" Number 2's have been in office while Number 2 has been on leave. Meaning that they have been there in the intervening time, on a temporary basis. There is even an interim, or rather Number 2's heir presumptive in The Village upon Number 2's return to office. I suppose seeing as this "interim" Number 2 is going to be the new Number 2, there seems little point in him leaving The Village only to be brought back. But thinking about it, how permanent are any of the Number 2s? We know the idea of so many Number 2s is to make it impossible for Number 6 to strike a relationship with any such Number 2. Which in turns means that each Number 2 that has ever served as Chairman of The Village, has to have been an "interim" Number 2, otherwise Number 2 would be permanent!

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