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Monday 11 August 2014

The Meeting Of Alter Egos

    Who is Number 1? That is a question asked since the Prisoner's abduction to The Village. We know that Number 1’s the boss, even Number 6 understood that much. It is also possible that the identity of Number 1 is revealed to both Number 6 and the television viewer during the opening sequence, depending on where we place the emphasis. Finally Number 6 is given the opportunity to meet Number 1, and comes face to face with himself, being one and the same person, the so called alter-egos of the same man. A kind of Jekyll and Hyde, with 6 being Dr. Jekyll and 1 being Mr. Hyde perhaps. Although there is one great difference between 6 and 1, and Jekyll and Hyde, that is physical being. With Number 6 and Number 1 we are dealing with two people, or at least that is what we see on the screen, and yet the meeting of Number 1 by Number 6 may be symbolic of what is taking place in Number 6’s mind, projected onto a screen for the benefit of the viewer. Unless of course it has been possible to split the ego from the Id! With Jekyll and Hyde, both are the same person, but they never actually come face to face with the other.

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