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Wednesday 27 August 2014

Hammer Into Anvil

    The other evening my wife and I watched 'Hammer Into Anvil,' the last of our favourite seven episodes. I always think Number 6's retribution is on the rough side. There has always been a question in the back of my mind, as to whether or not Number 2 actually caused 73's suicide. Yes he was interrogating her at the time, and that he threatened her with menacing behaviour cannot be denied, But watching the scene again, it is as I've thought before, 73 doesn't actually jump out of bed and through the window to her death until she sees Number 6 come busting in the room! I like the way Number 6 actually goes to the window to look down at the body on the ground. I like to think that when Number 6 does that, he's thinking of Cobb who was supposed to have jumped out of a hospital window. This time Number 6 is just making sure perhaps! Because Number 6 does that, my wife wondered if later Number 6 had discovered that Cobb was still alive? Now there’s a thought!

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