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Monday 11 August 2014

Free For All

    Each title of the seventeen episodes of 'the Prisoner' refers to an aspect within each episode, such as 'Free For All' for example, which means a fight, a brawl, a "dust-up," of which there are two. Both fight scenes take place between Number 6 and the two motor mechanics, one aboard the jet boat, and another in the cave, when four other men take part in "dusting" Number 6 down! However 'Free For All' also means anarchy, everyman for himself, and turmoil, all the things Number 6 attempted to bring to The Village by trying to encourage the citizens to be free, by telling them they were free to go. This is something he didn't achieve until 'Fall Out,' when during the hurried evacuation of The Village, which was a right free for all, and a time when it was every man for himself!

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