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Friday 8 August 2014

No.6 - Defeated By His Own Predictability!

     It was quite obvious that The Village Administration knew exactly what Number 6 would do if given the opportunity to run for Office, and if elected he would try to organise a mass breakout of The Village, and this was proven during the 'Truth Test.’ So confident that Number 6 could not achieve this, they simply allowed him to try anyway because “they” were in complete control all the time.
    In ‘Many Happy Returns’ Number 6 was allowed to leave The Village, even if it was by hard means, but predicting what he would do after discovering The Village was totally deserted. That he would do his utmost to return home, and by good fortune, and a helping hand from the supposed gun-runners, he did just that.
   But life back home was not so predictable. His house, even his car now belonging to someone else! Mrs Butterworth now has No.1 Buckingham Place on a ten year lease, as well as now owning his Lotus Seven. Number 6 had two calls to make, one in town and one in the country. And yet despite being shown by the Colonel and Fotheringay during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ that his ex-colleagues could not be trusted, Number 6 still goes running back to them. No doubt he thought that by using his ex-colleagues, it was the best way he had to finding the answers to the questions he had about The Village, to find those responsible. Yet to go back to those he could not trust, putting his head in the lion’s mouth so to speak, seems to me sheer folly.
   And yet Number 6 had made an early prediction, that he was going to escape The Village, escape come back, wipe The Village off the face of the Earth, obliterate it and Number 2 with it. Well he certainly kept part of that prediction, by escaping The Village and coming back. It wasn’t until later that the Prisoner came anywhere close to the second part of his prediction. He couldn’t wipe it off the face of the earth, obliterate it. But he did manage to eventually force his will upon the people by setting them free, which he had tried to do in ‘Free For All.’ After all, isn’t that what ‘Fall Out’ became, a right free for all as people fled The Village in blind panic!

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