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Thursday 28 August 2014

You Are Free - Free - Free to Go!

    In his attempt to force freedom upon the people of The Village, we don't know how the Prisoner would act if he had not been drugged and his mind conditioned. When Number 58 slapped Number 6 it woke him from his conditioned state of mind, and only then did he realise that he had been manipulated every bit as much as the people. There was no time to think, there was one chance to achieve something, so he took it. However violent retribution was only a few moments away. And then faced with the new Number 2, he was about to be put firmly back in his place as a prisoner.
   We know that the Prisoner wanted to destroy The Village in one way or another . However if he had not been drugged and conditioned, surprised and shocked when he woke up, maybe he could have used another approach. He might have allowed the citizens to make their own choice whether to go or stay. He could have held a referendum! Or as the new Number 2 duly elected by the people, he could have attempted to dismantle The Village's bit by bit, not physically but by removing The Village's amenities. Dismantling the infrastructure bit by bit. Demolishing the health and welfare, closing the hospital. Dissolving the Town Council, and eroding the powers of administration, and public services, along with closing the Old People's Home. However that would have been a long and drawn out affair, and to do that Number 6 as the new Number 2 would have had to absorb more and more powers and authority, effectively becoming Number 1. If of course, as Chairman of The Village, he was allowed to get away with dismantling The Village infrastructure. As I feel Administration would block any such attempt, and Number 6 would be put back in his cell!

Be seeing you


  1. Hi David,
    I like that thought. I think it's a very good point that Administration would stop Number 6 from destroying their facilities.
    When I thought about your ideas the last scene of Dance Of The Dead came to my mind. I think that the Village might be similar to this machine. That Number 6 would try and destroy the Villages mechanics, but it wouldn't change a thing. The Village would survive.
    Very best wishes,
    Be seeing you

    1. Hello Jana,
      I enjoyed your comment, I hope other readers do. Especially about Number 6 trying to destroy The Village's mechanics. That the final scene of 'Dance of the Dead' with the teleprinter suddenly bursting back into life, is suggestive of what would happen if Number 6 tried. Yes, I agree, The Village would survive.

      Very best wishes