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Monday 25 August 2014

I’m On Our Side!

    That’s all very well, but how does the Prisoner known as Number 6, know which side that is? When he says “I’m on our side,” how does Number 6 know that it's his side? What I mean is, how does he know its his own people who have incarcerated him in The Village? Perhaps he was anticipating such an eventuality, after all the Prisoner was going to do a runner. His passport was waiting on his desk, the airline ticket to Europe was proof enough that this was no spur of the moment thing. The Prisoner was clearly expecting to get away before they came for him. Perhaps they, the Undertakers, came for him before he was expecting them.
    As to which side has put the Prisoner in The Village, if he had any doubts, they were certainly confirmed during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ More than that, he had been betrayed by both the Colonel and Fotheringay. And from that moment on, it should have been perfectly clear that no matter what, there is no-one the Prisoner can trust, or rely upon, he’s completely on his own. It wouldn’t have been much worse for the Prisoner-Number 6 had he been abducted by an Eastern power, abducted behind the Iron Curtain, or further behind the Bamboo Curtain. Where there wouldn’t have been any of the niceties’ of The Village, simply sleep deprivation, hour upon hours of non stop  interrogation, torture, and the possibility of the use of drugs, real mind-benders and truth drugs. But at least the Prisoner would have known where he stood, and not betrayed by his own side. Ah, but then they weren’t his side any more were they, he’d resigned............. remember!

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