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Monday 4 August 2014


    I wonder what the students thought, when the Professors lectures suddenly stopped after the events at the end of ‘The General?’ The General destroyed, the death of the Professor, and the sudden stop of the educational experiment known as Speedlearn. Did the students actually notice of the sudden lack of lectures? Did they continue talking to one another about what they had learned through the lectures? Or did life in The Village suddenly return to the everyday normality, as though the lectures had never taken place. Just as it did at the end of ‘Free For All,’ when the citizens simply went about their everyday lives, just as though the election had never taken place! 
   Students were taking lectures on history, learning about the treaty of Adrianople. About ‘What happened in 1830.’ And ‘Who was Bismarck’s ally against the Danish Prince Christian of Glucksburg?’ Even if these events in history had had some relevance for those citizens brought to The Village. Any such points in history would have no relevance, for anyone who is born in The Village, because for them there is only The Village!

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