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Sunday 3 August 2014

File No.6

    There are times when the Prisoner-Number 6 is within an ace of breaking, telling the Colonel the reason behind his resignation for example, or dying on aboard an open raft in the English Channel. And yet something, some little missed or overlooked detail comes to Number 6's aid. After all if it hadn't been for the time of Post Five's wrist watch, or Alison bruising his fingernail by knocking over the soda syphon that time in his cottage when she was taking his photograph. Mind you it was the photograph which showed Number 6 the missed detail of his bruised fingernail. And then if we take the gun runners at face value, turning up when they did saved Number 6 just in time, although they may not have meant to. Oh yes and there was one more, the patient opening his eyes and seeing the doctor-Number 14, that gave Number 6 an edge against Number 2.

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