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Thursday 7 August 2014

The Prisoner Takes Too Many Risks!

    The Rook suggested that Number 6 takes too many risks. Well breaking an aerial off a Village taxi is nothing when compared to leaping out the back of a moving van into the busy London traffic of Park Lane.
     The doctor read from her report on Number 6, that he has a total disregard for personal safety. This is no better demonstrated when upon hearing a police siren, the Prisoner leaps out of the back of a Luton Van.
   When one thinks of what the Prisoner had to achieve simply to get to that point, he took a tremendous risk by jumping out of the back of that Luton van. And for what? Hearing a police siren. The police weren't after him, he must have realised. Why! The man was acting like an escaped prisoner, which of course he was!

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