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Friday 8 August 2014

Thought For The Day

    Number 2 is Number 6’s adversary, who at the same time acts as a buffer which is just as well when you consider what the pair of doctors Number 22 and 40 wanted to do to Number 6. Which curiously I suppose  makes Number 2, 6's protector! And judging by what we know from ‘Fall Out,’ it seems to be a case of “looking after Number One!”
   Such are the "restraints" placed upon certain Number 2's when it comes to Number 6’s treatment. That he doesn’t want a man of fragments. The tissue must not be damaged. Number 6 being far too important, that he must be won over! When it comes to breaking Number 6 for the information contained in the brain, sometimes anyone would think Number 1 doesn't want him broken for the information inside his head!

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