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Monday 4 August 2014

Degree Absolute!

    “I am a good man, I was a good man. But if you get him he will be better, there’s no other way, I repeat no other way.” So ‘Once Upon A Time’ is the ultimate test. Does that then mean that after this test there will be no more “tests?” Perhaps it also means that Number 6 has been sought out as a possible replacement for Number 2, and should he survive, then the position is his. Always providing Number 6 accepts it of course.
    ‘Once Upon A Time’ was originally to have been the final episode of the first series of ‘the Prisoner.’ What if there had been a second series, and what if it had commenced with them having got the better man….Number 6 as the new Number 2! That would have put a new aspect on the series. They might even have been a new Number 6 in The Village!

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