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Sunday 31 August 2014


    Who exactly is Number 48? It has been said that he is representative of uncoordinated youth, rebelling against nothing it can define. Well that’s fine, but 48 is a physical person, and not simply a representation of something else. After all if youth is to be incarcerated, then The Village would soon be full to bursting!
   I used to think that 48 was the former Number 8, seeing as 48 was once with The Village, but then he went and gone. And yet Number 8 did commit suicide by throwing himself off the balcony in the Silver Dollar Saloon. And yet perhaps like the “late” Number 2 who was resurrected as a new man, Number 8 was resurrected as Number 48!
   I think the fashion photographer comes into this somewhere. Like in a dream Number 6 appears to have put people he’s met or simply seen into his fairy tale of ‘The Girl Who was Death.’ Such as Number 2 being Schnipps/Napoleon Bonaparte, and Number 10 Shnipps daughter. On that basis that would make the fashion photographer Number 8, who he saw in the Green Dome with Number 2 and Number 22 in 'Living In Harmony.' Well it’s the only explanation I can give, and if its wrong, Number 48 will simply have to remain a nameless entity like the Prisoner himself!

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