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Saturday 13 January 2018

50th Anniversary Screening of the Prisoner

    Currently it’s the two week break in the screening, as in 1968 allowing production to catch up with the broadcasting of the series. Two ‘Danger Man’ episodes were inserted and tonight it is ‘Koroshi.’ Special agent John Drake is sent to Tokyo in order to investigate the death of a young Japanese woman who dies after sending information on a number of planned assassinations to M9. Posing as a reporter Drake comes up against an ancient murder cult brought very much up to date….beware the blow of oblivion!
   To be perfectly honest my wife is not at all keen to watch the episode tonight, and I have to agree it’s far from being one of the best episodes of the ‘Danger Man’ series. In one scene Drake goes to visit an old man, and crosses the floor in his stocking feet, but some fool has added the sound effect of shoed footfall! Knowing how my wife feels about the episode I did volunteer to not watch ‘Koroshi,’ but she said I must watch it, she doesn’t want to stop me from my personal enjoyment as I am probably unique as no other enthusiast for ‘the Prisoner’ would bother to watch ‘Koroshi’ as part of a screening of ‘the Prisoner.’ When I told a good friend of mine what I had planned he said to do so it is a sign of a true enthusiast, which was nice of him to say.
   Perhaps ‘Koroshi’ will appear better in black and white.

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